Meet our Staff

Arul Verma
Founder and President

Arul Verma is a senior attending MSJHS with a passion of Technology and STEM. To spread his passion, he founded Blessing Education  in his high school. He started the program in Alameda County Library  and then expanded it  to elementary and middle schools as an after school program. His current focus is to bring this program to all disadvantaged students from all demographics, all over the world. 

Michael Wu
Director of Internal Affairs

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Aashika Vankadari
Activities Coordinator

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Divyanshu Bhadoria
Director of Communications

Divyanshu Bhadoria is currently a junior at MSJHS passionate about STEM. After volunteering to teach disadvantaged students, he realized he could make a large impact on student's lives by making STEM more accessible by helping start this program. After creating the program with his friends he works as the director of communications to expand the program and teach in the classroom.

Aditikrishna Mandula
Communications Officer

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